Why Chiropractic?

More often than not, people wait for a symptom or crisis to appear before seeing a doctor or going in for a checkup. After diagnosis, treatment is typically drugs to mask the symptoms or surgery to repair or remove the issue. Though this can be effective, it is expensive and often doesn’t address or resolve the root cause of the symptoms. Remember, symptoms frequently appear months or years after the problem began.

Chiropractic care addresses the cause of the symptoms, focusing on the overall health and well-being of the nervous system, the system that controls and regulates all body functions. Making sure your nervous system is functioning optimally helps keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Common Reasons for Visiting a Chiropractor

  • Back, neck, shoulder, knee or other extremity pain
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Arthritis/scoliosis
  • Optimization of the immune system
  • Poor posture
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Stress management
  • Childhood wellness checks
  • As part of maintaining a wellness lifestyle

Chiropractic Helps More than Back and Neck Pain

Many people are not aware that chiropractic can help with the symptoms of many health-related conditions and illnesses beyond neck and back pain. To understand how chiropractic can help, it’s important to understand the basics behind chiropractic:

  • The body has a natural ability to heal itself
  • The central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) is responsible for communicating to all parts of the body
  • Subluxations (when one or more spinal vertebrae move out of position) create stress on nearby nerves and thwart proper communication between the brain, central nervous system and the body
  • The safe and gentle chiropractic adjustment removes these interferences (subluxations) along the spinal vertebrae
  • The removal of subluxations allows the central nervous system to properly communicate with all parts of the body, promoting self-healing and optimal function

Chiropractic can be used to treat the symptoms of many health issues, including common conditions such as asthma, cancer pain, ear infections, pregnancy, Crohn’s disease and more.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

Highly trained and educated Dr. Ron Fast performs a technique known as the chiropractic adjustment. Using his hands, or at times a small instrument, Dr. Ron Fast applies a gentle, controlled force to the vertebra to eliminate subluxation.

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